We know that it can be a difficult time when consolidating a loved ones’ treasured possessions, moving or relocating. Allow CARES to help relieve that burden. We specialize in compassionate communication, valuing, organizing and liquidating jewelry, art, decorative arts and furniture.

With a team of highly experienced experts, we will provide you with current fair market value estimates of your property, and assist you in deciding the most cost effective way for you to sell: cash, consignment or live public auction. Our purpose is to alleviate the stress and overwhelming feelings of this change in your life. CARES will guide you through the process of organizing, consolidating and liquidating your property. Our open and honest approach allows you to be comfortable that you are making the right decision. Let us help you navigate through this uncertain time.

  • Personal attention
  • Fast response
  • Access to highly educated and experienced experts
  • Options of selling presented in your best interest

CARES was founded by Dana Ehrman, a thirty year veteran of the jewelry business, fifteen years working for one of the largest international auction houses in the US. Her extensive background in valuing antique and estate jewelry, along with her numerous contacts and vast overall experience has led her to create CARES, Compassionate and Reliable Estate Services.

“Over the many years of working with estates and people downsizing, I have too many times witnessed the helplessness that people feel when they must consolidate an entire household, especially if a loved one has passed.  Seeing the need for honest and ethical assistance, I created CARES. We will help to educate you so that you can make the most informed decisions.”

CARES works on a reasonable commission basis, collecting fees after the contents are sold. Please inquire.

Our complimentary, no cost consultation is at your convenience. We will meet with you at your home or property to assess your needs and create a plan to move forward. Every situation is different. We take great care in modeling the right organizational plan for you.

Generally the process takes about two weeks, where we assess, tag and organize the property for sale. In the event further research is necessary, we will keep you informed. Allowing extra time can often yield a higher return in properly valuing an item — patience is key!

Once a date and time is decided, we will assess the items en situ, meaning in the house or property. We ask that you kindly remove any items that are to be kept, or if uncertain, to be moved to one area. The team will move through the house room by room and record, photograph and tag each item with an inventory number. Once the assessment is complete, you will receive a copy with market values and our opinion of where best to sell.